Ken Samuelsen has been in the building safety industry since 1981, providing many types of photographic, video, print and online products and services as the Fire Safety Planning industry has evolved through the decades. After September 11, 2001, when the industry's focus in New York City broadened to include planning for any type of emergency, the City instituted laws requiring certain types of plans to be presented in a standardized format. Ken worked with FDNY leadership to develop quick-reference diagrams that allow firefighters to review building systems and diagrams while en route to a building in an emergency situation.

Marilyn Taylor has worked with Ken since 1995 and manages the projects, collecting information and producing both the narrative elements of each plan and the drawings.

Tarun Shanker has worked with Ken and Marilyn since 2010, drafting building diagrams, developing the plan narratives, researching building systems and managing the submissions to the FDNY.

Our goal is always to produce a plan or diagrams or both, that will be accepted by the fire department on the first submission without delay or deficiency.