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Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Exercise

Since our establishment in 2008, Safety Planning Group has worked with buildings to help prepare their Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans, Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Protection Plans for approval by the New York City Fire Department.

Whether your project is a new construction or an existing building in need of an updated plan, Safety Planning Group will help you every step of the way. We work closely with building personnel to document the building’s systems, emergency procedures and staffing coverage. After a site visit and review with our architects, we verify that all elements of the plan meet the requirements of the FDNY and the NYC Fire Code and ensure it is submitted and approved in a timely manner.

Our reputation for building diagrams is unsurpassed in the industry. Fire department leaders have called our drawings the gold standard because they are specifically designed in-house to highlight the key elements the fire department requires to navigate a building in an emergency. We are known for producing clear, easy-to-read floor plans, sprinkler/standpipe riser diagrams, site plans and building information cards.

Safety Planning Group is a small, NYC boutique company that has specialized in preparing hundreds of FDNY-approved plans for over 15 years. In our experience, we have found there are many details and quirks in the plan submission process that are not readily apparent to first-time users and it can get overwhelming for building personnel trying to correct letters of deficiency and navigate multiple rounds of the submission process with looming deadlines. Our up-to-date expertise with the Fire Code and frequent contact with the FDNY helps avoid these pitfalls and expedite the job. Our clients can expect quick responses and a smooth, organized process that they might not get from a larger company with frequently changing project managers and lengthy timelines. We will work diligently with our client’s deadlines to get the plan approved and the building open and operating safely on schedule.

List of Services

For the narrative sections of Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans (FSPs) and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans (FSEAPs), Safety Planning Group will consult with building personnel, organize all the relevant building systems and staffing information, and prepare a cohesive, FDNY-approved plan that meets the specifications of the New York City Fire Code.

Safety Planning Group produces floor plans, riser diagrams, site plans and building information cards for clearly delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information. They are designed to be an accessible, intuitive reference for all building staff, fire departments, and police departments in an emergency, and can be posted as signage in tenant spaces. 

For new buildings or alterations requiring a fire protection plan, Safety Planning Group works with registered architects to prepare a detailed narrative and floor plans outlining the fire protective systems necessary for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.