fire / Life Safety plan

A Fire / Life Safety Plan provides the procedures for occupants of the building during fire or non-fire emergencies. The plans also provide first responders with an understanding of the building’s fire protection systems, layout and contents of the building, means of egress, fire hazards, and identification of key contacts during an emergency. 

Depending on the building height, population, occupancy and fire alarm system, your building may require one of the following Fire / Life Safety Plans:

1) Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

2) Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan

These plans require a narrative component and a corresponding set of building diagrams. 

For the narrative sections, Safety Planning Group will consult with building personnel, organize all the relevant building systems and staffing information, and prepare a cohesive, FDNY-approved plan that meets the specifications of the New York City Fire Code. 

We also provide consultation for previously-submitted plans with outstanding letters of deficiency. We will help resolve any issues and violations so your building will receive acceptance as quickly as possible. 


building diagrams

Clear and congruous building diagrams are a key requirement of an effective Fire / Life Safety Plan. 

Safety Planning Group produces floor plans, riser diagrams, site plans and building information cards for delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information. Fire Department leaders have called our drawings the gold standard because they are specifically designed in-house to be an accessible, intuitive reference for all building staff, fire departments, and police departments in an emergency. Our drawings focus only on the essential elements for emergency and evacuation procedures, and reduce the clutter to improve readability

Our drawings can also be customized to a client's own specifications for internal use, such as signage in tenant spaces, training manuals or marketing materials.


fire protection plan

For new buildings or alterations requiring a fire protection plan, Safety Planning Group works with registered architects to prepare a detailed narrative and floor plans outlining the fire protective systems necessary for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. 

These plans have some overlapping information with Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans, but they also have their own set of requirements to follow, focused specifically on the building and its safety systems. When we do both types of plans, we will work on an efficient timeline where we can make site visits and gather information to prepare both plans at once. We will prepare your Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan or your Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan for a special conditional acceptance by the fire department, which allows us to submit your Fire Protection Plan for a certificate of occupancy, and then receive a final acceptance for your Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan or Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan when the building is occupied and staffing ready.